How can Charlottesville create new opportunities and spaces for improving our democracy?

Summit Highlights

About the Summit

Since the events of August 2017, the City of Charlottesville has been undergoing a transformation. Residents have come to see their city in a new light, both as beautiful and ugly, and have begun working to define a new vision for the city that makes sure all voices are at the table.

The Imagining a new Democracy Summit is an endeavor to explore new ways for the community and the city to engage one another.

Focusing on Charlottesville City Council Chambers, our objective is to think about how this and other spaces can serve as sites for constructing a democracy that works for everyone.


Theatre of the Oppressed Workshops

Sept. 21, Oct. 19, Nov. 16, Jan. 18

11- 2pm

PVCC - Dickinson Hall

Taking place on the third Saturday of the month, these free and public workshops will explore how everyday experiences can be used to realize new community and city relationships through games and performance.

Legislative Theatre Workshop

Feb. 6th, 2020

6 – 8:30pm

Charlottesville City Hall q

Building on the experiences that have taken place in the fall of 2019, the community is invited to join us in a one night effort to rethink and redesign City Council Chambers lead by artist Katy Rubin.

Reflection & Action Symposium

Feb. 7th, 2020

11am- 1pm + Lunch

Cville Downtown Library

As the culminating event of the Summit, this symposium will allow the community to reflect on the work accomplished, think deeper about how democracy, culture, and belonging fit together, and participant in a series of breakouts to consider future actions.



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